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How to order & pay Glammer products?

The service order. If you do not have an account. Please login or register.
The order. Of the order. And payment.

Welcome to the Merck product. Click on the menu at the top. "Glammer Products" and then select the desired item by pressing the button. "Add to Cart". Shopping until you are satisfied, press the "confirm payment" and then enter all your details are correct.

Our customer service department. Will get back to you over the phone. Time to get to an appointment.
Our delivery staff. Delivery to your hand. On the day you receive the product. Please have the money to pay bills. (Paid in cash).
Free Delivery. On order since 1500 and up.
Orders less than 1,500 delivery charge 200 baht
Delivery within 3 days.
Delivery by mail is ***.

If you want to change the date and time of the product.
Please come back.
Call Center Tel. 02-731-2011.
*** Please notice one day before shipment.

Service delivery. Customers located in other provinces. Delivery model. The package bill.

Messenger will do the following steps.
1. Postman will invoice you receive item. The name and address to us.
2. To act on the bill. With your ID card to get at the post office. And payment.
3. The post office where you are going to get supplies. Must be in the same area with the name and address. The request.
4. Please give your name - from the identification card. Because of the product. The ID card. The product within 15 days from date of shipment to the destination post office.
Free Delivery. On order since 1500 and up.
Order 1500 to charge shipping based on weight of items.
Delivery within 3 days.

If several days. Have not been notification to the parcel. This may be due to a delay in the postal employees.
Or if several consecutive days during the holiday season.
Please contact us back. or call back.
Call Center Tel. 02-731-2011.
We will check now (by examining the parcel to the post office. It checks the date and time only).

*** If you fail to receive goods within 15 days from date of shipment to the destination post office. We reserve the right not to ship to you. In your next order. Except You will have good reason. Not to get goods within the time limit. The notification of receipt or lost. Please let us know so we can Backlist your information.

Please come back to the Call Center Tel. 02-731-2011.