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Weighing down hair & hard to set style

5. Weighing down hair & hard to set style

I have thin hair, weak hair structure, makes hair flat to the scalp. If the long head of hair will be blown by the wind. The short cut is hard to style. I fall to the base of the hair is not frizzy, tangled mess all the time. When using any styling products. To swell It was not long hairstyle.

Research: Pure water at 14 degrees Celsius, the temperature Noirmcutier Ocean kelp live completely for the entire year. Seaweed has a complete life cycle The food by pulling Which is beneficial minerals sustain ourselves. Attracting increasing nutrient I care deeply into the core The high moisture Oilgoelements The four species of marine minerals (Zinc, Copper, Iron, Silicium) enhance work with Oilgopeptide extract pure water. Allows the scalp can absorb all the minerals to nourish the skin to the hair follicle. Restore the hair fiber stronger cohesiveness.