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Oily scalp & oily hair

 6. Oily scalp & oily hair

Greasy hair caused by excessive fat from the sebaceous glands. The fat soluble film can not protect nature (Hydro - lipidic film) was absorbed by the root hairs I have it, while others, including striped hair is dry due to dehydration. Excess fat will make your hair smell. And cause irritation to the scalp.

Treatment of fat created by the sebaceous glands in the dermis is attached to the skin of the scalp and hair. It is a set of transport And sebaceous glands, which are the roots of the bag and began working as a baby in the womb. After giving birth to a new location. Stay in until the age of 8-10 years to work and stop working again when entering the menopause, its back is out of the cells (holocrine), which is part of the fat cells, it builds up (sebum. ) and less A 24-hour period (circadian rhythm) generated the highest dose late in the day. There are variations by gender, age, and race, and even the menstrual cycle, there was a shift in the composition of fat. Such fat (sebum) is a fatty substance that coats the skin's outermost layer (corneum strata). Fatty acids (fatty acids) 30%, triglycerides. (triglycerides) 25%, waxes (waxes) 25%, phospholipid lipids (phospholipids) and a valine (squalenes) at the fat from fat and shed lasted about 14 days total. sweat secretions Sweat glands and fat and then became slick with oil changes (hydro-lipid film), which is acidic (pH 3-4) play the role of a shield, the absorption of the skin, anti-microbial, and. If the fat fat lubricates the hair less dry hair and scalp will be easily irritated. If you create too much of a change in the - of the fat that builds up to a condition called. "Oily scalp" (seborrhoea) hair and it is very accurate. Hair frequently, because there is a foul odor.

Oily scalp conditions may be caused by a condition with excessive perspiration. (hyperhydrosis) in this case, the hair will look dry and dull. Too fat to build Indicates that there is an imbalance of the growth cycle of the hair to the point that the new skin cells slows down, making hair thinner. Moreover, it is associated with birth. Psoriasis of the scalp increases (dandruff) the conversion of fat to make a. Changing environment of the scalp, making it ideal for microorganisms such as Tiger Rose Drum Studio Paul Orchard (Pityrosporum. Ovale), which is the cause of dandruff (pityriasis).

The fat is closely associated with hormones. In particular, Sex hormones in both men (androgenous) and women (extrogenous) Testosterone causes the sebaceous glands to overwork. Testosterone called "Testo, Stephanie Rosenthal," (testosterone) is changed in the sebaceous glands by the enzyme. (5-alfa-reduttase) become "good hydro station and Rhone" (dehydrosterone), which is - a reaction to the metabolism of the cells that make keratin distance Diana Jane (anagen phase) of the hair is shorter and. Jane made ​​it through to the stage (catagen phase) over the life cycle of the hair should be shorter.

Causes of oily scalp (Seborrhoea) are numerous elements that are causing the problems are.

  • Too much stress stimulates the sebaceous glands.
  • Eating foods with too much sugar and fat.
  • Hormonal imbalance Such as testosterone increases.
  • It also has other elements such as the use of excessive force. And destruction of chemical use again and again.

When the camera lens with a comma. (microcamera) the oily scalp conditions (seborrhoea) follows:

The scalp is covered with a gel-like substance and obscured capillary tube under the skin and hair look greasy hair weaker and thinner after. The life cycle of the hair Fat with far too much material. Suitable for the growth of bacteria.

Research: Have been studying the complex from the sea (Aquamaris Complex) for answers to solve the problem of excess fat. The result of the research is to find a formula to adjust the balance of fat. It is rich in seaweed lamina Amelia Sachs, Karina (Laminaria Saccharina alga) and a significant effect only. It works synergistically to control the build up of fat (Sebum) The combination of fat and water (Hydro - lipidic emulsion) and add moisture to the hair (re - hydration).