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There are two types of hair loss over time (Persisting hair loss), and temporary hair loss (Temporary hair loss) Alopecia time. Caused by genetic and hormonal factors, but temporary hair loss caused by stress, pregnancy, malnutrition. Various medications And lack of blood supply to the scalp as usual. Hair (Thinning hair) is less than the normal amount of hair, thin, fragile, thin, flat dry scalp.

Baldness (ALOPECIA):
This word comes from the Greek word "alopex" means fox (fox) since the time of the year it is - hair loss until exhausted. Baldness and hair loss is caused by congenital and subsequent changes divided - many species: bald from injury (Traumatic alopecia) caused by mechanical elements include baldness caused by hair pulling their patients. (tricotillomania), baldness caused by using any beauty salon. That too, baldness caused by accidental injury, such as after surgery.

Bald scars (Scarring alopecia):
There are many diseases which destroy the hair root bag as psoriasis (psoriasis), erysipelas (lupus erythematosus).

Baldness by testosterone (Androgenic alopecia):
Is the most common It will make the hair down during certain months (October and March), but I still have the bag root. Terminal hair is in a halogen, up to 30% of all hair. This condition, which started around the age of teenage testosterone starts and is more or less on older years, each with characteristic pathology of baldness by testosterone is not a change. The greater the length and thickness of your hair down.

Baldness is poured from halogen increases. (Telogen effluvium):
Hair loss can be restored, which lasted for about two months alopecia - caused by stress, both physical and mental. Will have hair loss after Event about 3 months, which is how long the hair will fall out. When bulbous root is destroyed.

Patchy baldness (Alopecia areata):
The area is dotted round, bald bare no hair at all. The exact cause is unknown, but believed that emotional stress is critical bulbous roots are very thin and withered collapsed due to lack of adequate blood supply, sometimes referred to as the "exclamation point hairs" ALOPECIA.

The hair is thin and scattered lines of growth clearly demonstrates the life cycle of the hair changed. I make this area a little more.

Research: formula to stop hair loss and accelerate hair fast growing hair (Vitality) This is a study of the complex to the sea (Aquamaris Complex) to deal with this particular issue, they produce a rich seaweed hydrolyzate. Dauphin Island Roberto Sierra (Hydrolyzed Rhodophycea) with essence. Only a synergistic effect when working, will replenish minerals. Wound healing that occurs on the scalp. And increase the flow of blood to nourish the hair roots.