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Weakness hair on older people

2.Weakness hair on older people

You are aging to the hair and scalp to? When I stepped into his cell degeneration. And you could feel that I was weak, weightless smaller line dry lifeless.

At the age of 35 years to meet the changing needs of the hair. Because the fat under the scalp down. Circulation and cell renewal slows down. The absorption of nutrients into the scalp to nourish hair roots slowly or less. Stress causes hair loss, weak hair. Head of sparkle and shine Smaller hair.

Between 4/5 months old baby in the womb. A vesicle formed at the outer layer of skin - the baby in which cells build raised as "suckers" (bud) structure is called the "bag of hair follicles" (follicle), which is growing. high Epithelial cells (epithelial cells), many capillaries. (capillaries) and nerves (nerve) to raise the so-called "bulb" (bulb) in the bottom. The hair grows This bulbous cells dividing and moving upward to the open mouth of the bag, change shape. Dried, and incorporation into hair. This process is called "Night keratinocytes animation" (keratinization) sebaceous glands (sebaceous gland), which builds fat and moisture to the hair follicle growth. It also raised the bag - the hair follicle with HAIR LIFE-CYCLE.

85% of the hair on the scalp is healthy. We are growing in all the tests. These microscopic hair The bulb is round and black. (If your hair is not really white) color of the hair depends on the behavior of melanoma site (melanocyte activity), which are the cells that create the natural color of the hair life cycle of the hair (HAIR LIFE-CYCLE) bags root to create it. cycle time We called "The life cycle of the hair" (hair life-cycle), which are interchangeable. During the building phase, the resting phase, and decay. These stages are:
  - Jane analog phase (anagen phase): growth (growth).
  - Phase I General rod (catagen phase): transition (transition).
  - Halogen Range (telogen phase): Room (rest).

anagen phase:
Hair began to build below the orifice of the sebaceous glands and small cell melanoma site. I was motivated to do the color. Hair grows when keratin and including it to the outside of the skin to regenerate new hair. Often coexist with the old hair. (Located in Catalonia Jane) Jane analog phase lasted for about 3-6 years to grow hair all day 0.3-0.4 millimeters or 1 centimeter per month.

catagen phase:
In this phase, the hair follicle has changed the bag clearly. All cells that divide to stop dividing. Melanoma cell site downtime and outer membranes of hair letdown. The deepest part of - a bag of hair follicles deteriorate within the next 2-3 weeks and into the resting phase.

telogen phase:
Now I root bags will not work. Hair will fall out or be pulled out. This phase lasted for 2-4 months each hair follicle bag bag is divided into 2 parts: the part where the depth at which the change occurs and the outside of which is a permanent part of the new hair is made up approx. 1% of the single hair In phase I and 14% in the Jane - AF halogen cycle is influenced by many factors such as season, habitat, pregnancy, age, diet and health, including hormone as well.

Innovative treatments for hair Surgivamarine (Sister's Aquamarine) for those aged 35 years and strengthen the hair and scalp healthy cells. Stimulate cell regeneration and weak. Reduction of hair loss and the efficacy of the extract of seaweed species Maine Master's Thesis Stadium. Particles are small enough to nourish the hair roots. And the innermost layer of the hair shaft. Immediately rapidly.