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4. Dandruff

Dandruff Caused by dead skin cells fall off, very wrong. And outstanding on the scalp Cause scaly or flaky (scale), which is the cause of itchy scalp. Dry Scalp And the presence of microorganisms.


The outer layer of our skin helpless to change, and then peel off naturally every day when changing faster than normal cells. Cell number of more or less to be causing problems. Not only beautiful, but also has problems with health. This phenomenon is known as "dandruff" (dandruff or pityriasis).

Elements that cause problems with both internal (endogenous) and external (exogenous) component within a. Hormonal changes, foods with too much fat, some stress or anxiety. All of these can cause a change in the timing of new cells for your body to change. External factors include conditions - environmental toxicity, the use of non-specific products, the harsh beauty - so it is connected with dandruff. We have sweat glands and scalp. Sebaceous lot Which is suitable for the environment - such as the growth of certain microorganisms Tiger Rose Drum Studio Paul Orchard (Pityros- porum Ovale). Which is up to 75% of bacteria on the human scalp with dandruff and 50% of a normal study in early 1960 found that there was inflammation (hot spot of inflammation) associated with dandruff Tiger Rose. Paul Drum (Pityrosporum) is involved in the pathology of inflammation. Having dandruff proved to be the first case of missed dandruff Tiger Rose Paul Drum (Pityrosporum) is a mechanism that can be extracted triglycerides (sebum's triglycerides) into fatty acids (fatty acids) in which these substances are substances. already causing inflammation and natural causes. Specialists point out.

When examined with endoscopic comma. (microcamera) will have two types of dandruff:

1. dandruff or dry (dry dandruff or simple pityriasis).
It is a thin, dry white flakes out of my own which usually does not change the fat (sebum) and I have an inflammation of the scalp is associated with the season. When the sun better Clearly.
2. wet dandruff (greasy dandruff or steatoid pityriasis).
There is a bigger splash in yellow with a red rash. Has scratches and Country Catch the fever sticky grease like dandruff in the hair. There are a lot of itching and symptoms of hair loss, which is a condition called, "Reig Seaborg Derma Baptist Times" (seborrhoeic dermatitis).

Research: A study of the complexation of dandruff in particular. And produce a formula that is rich in many kinds of algae play simple frontier. Canal lift queues Plata (Pelvitia Canaliculata) and the significant work synergistic clean the head. Adjusted equilibrium condensation of water - fat (Hydro - lipidic emulsion) and the hair of moisture. Also adding to the viola tone pyrometer (Piroctone Olamine) which is able to suppress dandruff too.