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Glammer Education Hair School

Glammer Education Hair School
The Company has continously performed many outstanding track records for 25 years by arranging the world class Hair Show, Hair Seminar and Hair Workshop locally and abroad. The events are conducted by the Company's staffs, the staffs from Glammer Salon&Cafe which is one of the Company's activities an other outsourced personnels which the Company carefully selected from other professional hairdressers who won the hairdressing award in both country level and international level or from the famous stylists. Those experienced staffs are now the Compnay's Glammer Education Team.

Glammer Education International School
                         MR.WEERASAK YOOYEN  

                                        MISS YANNAWADEE    
                           INTENSIVE FOUNDATION TRAINER    






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Glammer Significant
The staffs engaged in GLAMMER EDUCATION are the group of creative person who share the same hairdressing view point as a unique that "the work of a hairdressser, a technician, a make-up artist and a fashion designer must support each other, No one is solely responsible for the beauty is created by the combination of work and during the work, the overall picture of complete work must be conceptualized in the mind of each party" , We therefore call this characteristic of this working concept as "TOTAL INTELLIGENT DESING"


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