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Glammer History



 GLAMMER HAIRCARE FOUNDER Mr.Weerasak Yooyen, President

 Troughout the years of working, GLAMMER has been established since 1992, we have had so many opportunities to work closely with the professional hair stylists even both inside of Thailand and international worldwide. Due to since we were the distributor for hair care products from many countries and cooperated with many salons in Thailand, we took this opportunity to return the profit to all the customers and hair stylists by opening the Institute of Beauty under named Glammer Education Academy  and expanded business concerning to hair care until nowadays GLAMMER became to be the united and the entire of beauty and hair symbolized.

Year 1992 : GLAMMER has been established by Beauty Avenue ltd., co. to import and being the distributor for Hair Care products from TIGI (Made from England) which is the most famous academy concerning of hair style all over the world by that time under named TONI&GUY.

Year 1997 : GLAMMER expanded the lines of hair beauty concerned to rebound the need of the markets here in Thailand which the fashion  on that time has been grown up so fast by import the chemical products such as colors, Curl Relaxer Liquid, Permanent Hair Liquid from Italy and Germany.


 Year 2002 : GLAMMER has been opened The Hair Stylist and designed under affirmation of Ministry of Education of Thailand. And designated by name “ Center of International Art of Beauty School” or under short name and familiar by name Glammer School.

 Year 2007 : Glammer started to produced its own high qualities and premium products of hair care under named of Glammer hair care by using all experiences of importing the products from other countries throughout so many years by  cooperated with LAB and Hair Stylists in the academy to create the new products and called this first group by named “Nourishing Series”


 Year 2012 : Glammer carries forward the products and the institute out to the oversea by opening The Glammer Eduacation School at Kathmandu Nepal  and assigned export agent to be the distributor for Glammer Hair Care Products in the same year.

 Year 2017 : Glammer goes forward and still keep on developing  the Glammer Products and to this year, Glammer is proud to present the new products group named “Solution Series” which will be on the market sooner.  The Solution Series will give you cure the problems concerning to hair falls, keratin to resilient hair construction, adjust to radiant hair colors, covered grey hair ect.